IT Process and Policy Documentation

Would your business recover from a primary site disaster?  Some reports suggest that up to %50 of small or medium sized companies do not ever recover from a disaster at their central place of operations.

Do you have your business processes documented?  In such a way that someone else can take over, even temporarily, in-case you are incapacitated?  Sure, insurance can cover some things, but for many business owners, it’s their family nest eggs that are tied up in the business, and if it cannot operate, all that investment can be lost.

So where are the passwords, and the combination for the safe?  Off-site copies, securely retained in trusted parties hands also, of course.


Sadly, for too many businesses, these questions don’t come up or aren’t answered.  We can help with that though, we operate a trusted escrow service, we can retain copies of your most important assets securely off-site, we can be the backups you don’t currently have.  And pre-empting that, we can create the documents you will need in case of emergency for you in the first place.