Infrastructure, Backup and Managed Services

There are two types of people in the world:  Those who have been hacked, and those who will be.

It is inevitable, one day, without a doubt, you will suffer some kind of IT disaster.  It could be a simple disk drive crash – it could be just a lost, but very important, file.  Or it could, increasingly, be a deliberate attack on your business, either at attempt to extort, damage or steal your Intellectual Property.  And don’t forget, Property includes things as simple as your current list of customers, as well as the design drawings for that new product, and then also the notes you were taking about expansion ideas for that new niche market you can see.

In many cases, the damage, once done, is too late to stop – but how do you recover and keep on going if real asset damage has occurred?  Can you ever trust these systems again?  What exactly is a ‘clean start’ when it comes to your computers being compromised.

At we have developed an offering designed to give you peace of mind at the very least, that should the worst possible things happen in your office, within a short time you can be up an running your business safely again, with as little immediate loss or impact as possible.  This is our backup products solution.

In conjunction with this, we offer IT Threat and Risk Assessment reviews that help you to quantify the level of precaution you believe appropriate to the market you operate in, and the potential threats around.  We can help you minimise your threat landscape, and present a more effective security front to the wilds of the internet – enabling you to do business in a more secure manner overall.