About YourCIO

Why YourCIO is different

We started this IT services firm with a simple idea.  The idea that many small and medium size firms, even traditional mom & pop businesses, needed the same kind of high quality IT advice that the biggest companies have from their multitude of expensive consultants and their huge in-house IT team.

Our background was in consulting to these large companies, and our belief is that the Information Technology revolution is still just starting.  With the advent of very high speed broadband direct to your (customers) doors, who knows what opportunities this will enable for novel and interesting ways to interact between your business and your customer, your suppliers, and any other agency you have to deal with.  One thing is for sure, being prepared for these oncoming changes now, will position your business for the future, no matter what may play out.

Who would have thought only ten years ago that most businesses would need to have a website, and need to have your products and services searchable and discoverable from the major search engines in order to maintain your competitive edge.  Well, it’s only going to get more pervasive.  Our thinking is that investment in your Web Presence is something that all businesses will benefit from.  How many times do you see a website that is obviously just there because the business owner felt they ‘had to have one’ – and didn’t really put the effort into having a website that was worth its weight in bringing in new customers.  Do you want to be one of those unattractive and just plain boring ‘me-too’ types of online presences?  We hope not.

At YourCIO we think we can both create and manage your online presence, and at the same time make it inexpensive enough, while still being attractive enough, to pay for itself in new business brought to your door by the Web.

And smart, snappy, web design is only where it starts.  The real point behind YourCIO is taking the headache out of IT, so you can get on with running the business you know best – while we get on with running the technology we know best.  Take a look at the wide range of simple but necessary IT services we can cover for you and you will quickly see why it stacks up to use us.